"The portal for those serious about their survival and preparedness planning, formed 7th April 2009"
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Welcome to P2S..."Paratus Supersto"

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P2S was created by me, Dark Vengeance on the 7th April 2009. Our membership quickly increased with the addition of Gil, Anuubis*, Nirgal*, Watch Ryder, Taff Force, Friendly Callsign and many more who migrated over from the ATS Survival forums.

* Denote Forum Moderators.

In June 2009 we moved over to a professional server for the hosting of the P2S Survival Forums. Come join us, we look forward to meeting you.

We are a survival and preparedness group consisting of both men and women from all walks of life. We discuss and share information in order to be prepared, both physically and mentally, for any situation that may be forced upon us.

The general perception of a survivalist is a "Rambo" type individual roaming the wilderness awaiting invasion. We are most certainly not that type of group and whilst our membership is free to all, John Rambo need not apply.

Our aim is to encourage, through healthy debate and forge links with like-minded people. Our common purpose is to be prepared and survive any situation that may befall us; from severe weather fronts and acts of terror, to pandemics, economic hardship and global collapse of civilisation.

We wish to provide the very best possible way of life for our families and friends, in this ever changing and fragile world.

Whilst we are primarily a UK survival and prepper group we welcome overseas members.

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uk survival group uk forums prepper preparedness survivalist p2s prepared 2 survive

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